Join Nadaburg Elementary PTSA

5 Reasons to join Nadaburg PTSA

1. Benefit your child!  Research shows that children perform better when parents are involved both at home and school. 
2. Get Connected!  There is no better way to know what is happening at school. 
3. Tap into a network!  PTSA connects you to teachers, and other parents helping to build a sense of community. 
4. Be a role model!  Becoming a PTSA member, you’ll be demonstrating to your child the importance you place on education. 
5. Witness  Improvement!  By getting involved in PTSA, you’ll be a part of the solution—helping to make positive changes in your child's school and in your  community.
Nadaburg PTSA Memberships:
   $6.00 per PERSON
   $25.00 per FAMILY (4 or more in household)
If you join as a BUSINESS MEMBER, please attach your business card to the membership form.  Your business card will be advertised  in our PTSA Newsletter this school year and will go home with every student.  It will also be on the business page of our website. It's a great way to advertise in our community.  Business memberships can be anything from Scentsy, handy man services, mechanic, landscaping, even items made at home that you do as a hobby and are selling.

***This year we will be celebrating our 100th anniversary - for an an additional 25.00 (50.00 total) we will also include your business information in our yearbook!****
Click here for this year's PTSA individual or family membership form.  Fill all info out.  If paying by check, make check payable to Nadaburg Elementary PTSA.