21st Century Learning

Welcome to the 21st Century Community Learning Center!
The Nadaburg Unified School District was awarded a 21st Century Grant for $1,020,000 from a federal program through the US Department of Education, and administered by the Arizona Department of Education. The purpose of a 21st Century CommunityLearning Center is to create community learning environments where students and their families can have access to high quality instruction beyond the normal school hours. Each program focuses on academic achievement, youth engagement, family involvement, and developing community partnerships.
The program is meant to enhance the learning that occurs in the regular school day. Focus will be placed on reading, math, science, and language for the academic component. Each program will offer enrichment classes in the area of physical development, character, arts, sciences, technology,and other areas of interest identified by the communities of each school. Twice a week families will be able to actively participate in the center with their children, and there will be engagement events throughout the school year.
We are very excited about this opportunity to expand the school day. Parents may register their students through the web based registration link on the community education page, request an application from the school office, or schedule an appointment with the individual site coordinator.
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James Scott, M.A., M.Ed.
Director of Special Education, Curriculum and Community Education

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21st CCLC /Community Education Assistant
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