Welcome to the Nadaburg Elementary School Library!

Mrs. Kehoe - Librarian a.k.a. Library Girl
Keeper of the Books, defender of the written word, and vanquisher of video game brain drain! 
 We have a lot of great things happening here at Nadaburg, some of which prevent me from updating my web page as often as I should!  You can always ask your child what book they are reading, or better yet, read it with them! 

Again and again, studies show that when children see the adults in their life reading and valuing education, they do better in school.  Read with your child every day!  Parents, guardians and community members are welcome to come in and set up a library account. 

We also have an adult section of the library with mature titles  - such as Steven King, Nora Roberts, John Gresham, etc. - that community members are welcome to borrow, trade, donate to, or even keep books from!  Students are allowed to check out from this section only with a permission letter from home.  If you have an advanced reader in your house, come explore what we have to offer.
Library Hours: 8:00 - 4:00 school days.